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Clarity or Clutter?

Our minds clutter very easily. Clutter enters one piece at a time and before long, our thoughts are in disarray. Somewhere along the line our emotions also get tangled up in the mess and we find ourselves having difficulty in discerning what we should think, how we should feel, and where we must turn. In the meantime, there are our daily duties to fulfill, unyielding obligations to execute and the grind of life which demands we rise up and live.

But who has time to sort out all the complicated stuff? It simply isn’t practical to consider slowing down and going through all the mess in our mind. So, we learn to live with this inner turmoil and carry on with the hope that things will settle down eventually. We march on — heads full of noise — and do what has to be done in order to make it through another day. Busy Christians learn to survive and I suppose there is much commendation in enduring, persevering, and remaining steadfast, but is this type of existence consistent with what Jesus meant when He declared that He came to give us life more abundantly?

The events of this past week left my head spinning and my thoughts in disarray, but as I shared my struggles with my Heavenly Father, I was grateful that He not only helped me endure, but He allowed me to experience the joy of the abundant life.

If Jesus has promised to give us abundant life then I’m going to assume that we will know it when we are experiencing it. We must turn the corner in our thinking and come to the scriptural conclusion that God delights in blessing His children with His very best.

For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him. II Chronicles 16:9

The verse above declares that God’s omniscient eyes are scanning the earth to locate a person with whom He may impart His strength; that person is one who lives with a perfect heart. Though none of us could lay a claim to sinless perfection, we should all be eager to arise and seek to live in a manner that is without sin. Living with nothing between us and our Saviour—this is what it means to live with a perfect heart. What does He see in your heart when His searching eyes rest there?

If for no other reason, this is a good motive for us to address the cluttered minds and hearts that we so often live with. How can I know if my heart is qualified to receive God’s best? Disarrayed closets don’t become that way overnight and they are never straightened out accidentally. Item after item must be picked up, assigned a value and either thrown away or placed back in an orderly fashion with everything else that deems worthy of being retained. In the end, there is less substance in the closet, which means less disorder. Additionally, there is now more available space in that closet for other things which do have value.

We clearly see this when it comes to messy closets, disorganized kitchen drawers and cluttered garages, but we fail to apply this simple principle to something much more important — our mind. We must address the content in our minds and hearts in order to free up some space so that God might deposit something of greater worth.

If you have lost your confidence that God desires to be good to you, then I will diagnose you with the condition of a cluttered mind. Bluntly speaking, you have collected a heap of junk in your thought-life and now your heart senses the cramped, dusty, and disorganized state of being. If you wait for this to go away on its own, I must tell you that it will not. You need to take time to be still and quiet in the presence of your Heavenly Father.

You may not be able to take days off from the to-do-list of life, but you can take an hour or two. Rise up a little earlier for a few days, break the repetitiousness of your daily routine, and slow down enough to begin to diagnose the individual pieces of your own personal mind-clutter.

You will find that God is ready to assist you in this process and it will not be as discouraging or overwhelming as you might fear. He is looking to bless you; He is eager to aid you; He’s not upset at you for allowing things to get to this point. God is a Master at clarifying the cloudy, ordering the chaotic, and simplifying the mysterious. No need to wait for a more convenient time because today is as uncomplicated as it’s going to get for you. Trust Him again and He will provide you with the very heart that His eyes are scanning the earth to bless. You may be confused, overwhelmed, low on hope, fatigued, running on empty and less than confident…He is none of those things. He is your God, your Hope, your Strength, your Wisdom, your Comfort, your Peace and He is ready to help.


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