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Evangelism Dissatisfaction

I’ve never met a born-again believer who desires for others to go to hell. I believe God places in our spiritual DNA an ambition to tell others about Jesus Christ and to see them saved. We have been commanded to go and we may even have a desire to reach people with the Gospel, but let’s be honest, most of us don’t do it…at least the way we should.

For some reason, we would rather hang out with Jesus at the well and discuss the theological issues of our day instead of running back to Samaria with the words of hope. Sure, discussing the profound truths of God is intriguing, but those dying of spiritual thirst desperately need a drink from the eternal fountain or at least a voice to tell them about it. The woman at the well didn’t need formal training or a master’s degree to tell others, she just needed a drink!

Evangelism can be difficult and perhaps it is difficult because there is this misconception that we are the ones doing the winning. We put pressure on ourselves to persuade someone to accept Christ and when they don’t, we feel like a failure.

Let’s be clear: we can save no one! We didn’t prepare salvation from the mysterious corridors of eternity past. We didn’t die on a cross for the sins of the world. We can’t convict and draw sinners to Christ like the Holy Spirit does. We can’t eternally seal a name in the heavenly record book called the Lamb’s Book of Life. God hasn’t called us to do any of those things and perhaps this is where our defeat comes into play.

The work of the sower is simply to give seed: some will land on hard ground, some on shallow ground, some on thorny ground, and some on fertile ground. The sower cannot do the life-giving work underneath the surface. Such a miracle takes place in the unseen places of the field. Such is the responsibility of God—He alone gives the increase. The woman at the well didn’t try to save anyone; she just had a burden to point them to the One who could. Huge difference.

Evangelism becomes less burdensome and more appealing when we understand our responsibility. We are responsible to go, tell, and shine our lights. Christ alone is responsible to save. When you relieve yourself of such a divine weight, you will be more prone to run to the thirsty and tell them where they can get the water.


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