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His Way Is Perfect

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Sometimes God changes things up when you’re not looking for anything to be changed. Out of nowhere comes a ripple in your normally-calm pond. He does not announce it; He does not talk with you to see if it would be convenient; nor does He ask your permission. He just does it! This doesn’t make God insensitive, or mean, or careless, in His leadership of you; it just means that God wants to make our previously limited vision a little more attuned to His grander plan for our life.

In the Old Testament, there was a man named Samuel who served as both God’s prophet and Israel’s leader. The day came when Saul, whom Samuel had anointed as the first king of Israel, had to be removed from power. God was changing things that Samuel had assumed would remain. He was saying ‘no longer’ to something He had once said “yes” to, and Samuel was not happy about it. So, God spoke plainly to His servant and said, “How long wilt thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Bethlehemite: for I have provided me a king among his sons.” I Samuel 16:1

Samuel learned that part of the reality of God’s authority is that He begins things and ends things. Clearly, God expected Samuel to accommodate the new direction in which He was leading, but Samuel was reluctant to embrace the change. Samuel was not being asked to stand on the sidelines and be an idle spectator — he was being asked to facilitate the change by anointing a new king.

Notice God’s language in the scripture above. He had already made up His mind about rejecting Saul. He had already made up His mind about raising up a new king over Israel. He had already made up His mind about the individual who would rule over Israel. But, most importantly, God declared that all of this change was for Himself: “I have provided ME!” These changes were not so much about Samuel, Saul, David, and Israel as they were about God and His glory.

We need to remember this when God injects a ‘no more’ in an area of our own lives. He often introduces change in places where we have mistakenly assigned permanence. It’s hard to accept, but we must realize that following the Lord involves regular seasons of change. Our journey of faith will not be a straight, uninterrupted line moving in one direction. God actually prefers to write our stories in squiggles. Again, He does this for Himself but He also does this for us.

Sometimes God changes things in our lives because there is a Saul getting in the way of our David. We cling to our Saul because he is familiar to us. We know what we are getting with him, so we hold on tight. But when our Heavenly Father discerns the need to make some divine changes in our plans, paths, and presumptions, we would do well to release our Saul. Sometimes He pulls the drapes on the windows through which we love to gaze. Other times He shuts a door and loudly turns the deadbolt, allowing us to proceed no further. He forces us to say goodbye to Saul.

We struggle intensely at what we perceive as a loss, but then comes a David, and with him comes an awareness of a much bigger picture. Our heart grows excited; our faith begins to grow; our confidence in God strengthens; we experience joy and we realize that His way is always perfect!


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