January 1, 2020

Dear Prayer Partners,

When someone ponders their life, specific moments and events resurface to remind them of their victories and defeats along the way. These memories should not be suppressed, for they serve as valuable teachers to prepare one for the road ahead. 2019 was a year filled with such teachers, and I am grateful for how the Lord used them to shape my perspective for 2020.

As we look at the road ahead, a clear vision for the South Pacific Baptist Outreach has come into focus. We believe the Lord would have our ministry concentrate on three main objectives in 2020:

First: INVEST in the souls God saved last year and continue to disciple them to maturity. Two months ago, we combined our Bible study groups into one and are holding regular services on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings. It has been wonderful to see these groups come together and continue to grow in the Lord. Our prayer is that God would raise up a man from within this group to train and then allow us to take steps to organize into a mission.

Second: Continue to INSTRUCT the men who attend our Bible Training Institute classes. Last year, we taught through the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ and saw thirteen men complete the course. What thrills my heart the most is watching God build confidence in these men’s lives. They are now actively ministering and preaching in their churches! This year, we plan to teach through the Life and Ministry of the Apostle Paul with a special emphasis on evangelism and church-planting. Please pray for these men to comprehend the biblical truths and develop into strong, spiritual leaders.

Third: INVOLVE people in conversations regarding spiritual matters in order to teach them biblical truth. God has opened the door for our ministry to start a weekly television program. MaiTV is a Fijian television station that broadcasts not only throughout the South Pacific islands, but streams live in 60 countries through their Facebook page. There is the potential of reaching thousands of people in the remote, closed, and unreached parts of the world. We are thankful that many from our sending church will assist us in operating this new ministry. Our program is called “Transformed by Truth” and we plan to launch our Facebook interaction page this week and start broadcasting on January 19th.

Please pray for us. There is much work to be done. There are countless opportunities to reach people with the Gospel, but time and resources are limited. We desire to redeem our time wisely and seize the open doors before they close.

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support — it is worth your sacrifice and efforts! Keep laboring with us for the advancement of the Word of God throughout the South Pacific.

In His Service,

Jeremiah Sargent

Evangelist Jeremiah Sargent
“Serving with an Acts 2020 Vision”
Acts 20:20

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